Monday, May 7, 2012

Non-partisan government.


  1. Long-term planning (not just to next election)
  2. All inclusive parliament (not them and us)
  3. Fixed terms (?4 or 5 years)
  4. Better electorate representation (no "safe seats")
  5. Higher quality of nation management (no distraction by inter party fighting)
  6. Conscience voting across the board (don't have to "toe the party line")
  7. Role of opposition performed by bureaucrats - "Dept. of Due Diligence"
  8. No inordinate power to small "balance-of-power" group
  9. No witch hunts to score political points eg Craig Thomson affair
  10. Less susceptibility to pressure from lobbyists and vested interests.
Associated issues
  1. ? need of House of Review (or is that another role for the bureaucrats?) (Qld doesn't have one)
  2. Major savings with one less tier of govt.? Just National and Local
  3. Feds do Defence, Foreign Affairs, Finance,  Health, Education,  et al
  4. Local govts do Utilities, Infrastructure and locally appropriate Health and Education etc
  5. Internet allows candidates to gain wide exposure, so electioneering expense should be borne by candidates (ie no big donations from vested interests), giving a level playing field
  6. Pay rates will be much better, commensurate with more highly qualified politicians (eg $1m+ for PM) 
  7. Candidates a level of (tertiary) education, commensurate with the importance of the job of running a country 
  8. Committees will continue as at present
  9. Citizen-initiated referenda facilitated via internet
  10. PM (?president) and ministers elected by their colleagues